Here at Northern Gecko, we take pride in our business ethics and methods of operation, and want the truth to be known about how our customer’s feel about us. Below we have enclosed accolades from past clients – if you wish to have your experience with Northern Gecko posted here – good or bad – we urge you to contact us. Thanks for spreading the word.

Here are some comments from our clients:

Hey Mark,

Ha, when we first opened up the box – awesome shipping container by the way – she wasn’t fired up fully. She was very nice and red and we were impressed with her. We took her downstairs to her setup and must have agitated her more and she really fired up. Pretty damn mind blowing red. My girlfriend made some comments about her being so bright she is neon. You weren’t kidding about her.

However, her being as amazing as she is I was really taken back the by male. His body structure is out of this world and so is his color. Not to mention it’s hard not get taken back by all the animals we got from you. I mean those gargoyles are awesome too!

I will be completely honest with you and say that it has been a very long time that I have been this excited about receiving a shipment of reptiles and not only being excited about it but being completely blow away by the actual animals received. It’s making putting in a full day at work away from them difficult. 🙂

Please feel free to use whatever I have said to you over these emails for your site as I have nothing but the highest praise for you, your team and your animals.

I have to ask you where you got your shipping boxes and the containers you put the geckos in.

Take care, thank you again and I look forward to doing business with you and talking to you soon.

Chris – Iowa, USA

Absolute class act, Mark.

They arrived on time and in excellent shape, though obviously a bit cool and VERY bewildered. They are now gathering their little thoughts in various positions around the tank. As I took each out of its (her) container, each one made a brief effort to run for the hills, which reassured me that they were in good shape, and I did the hand-over-hand thing to get them safely into their little forest, tails intact. I could feel the energy in each. One of them, the harlequin, sat there on a leaf and stretched out one little foot and spread out her fingers, and then placed it carefully down on the leaf again. You can tell by this that every move my critters make fills me with wonder and huge interest. Also I gave each a little misting of water, but none wanted a drink. They were larger than I expected. There was a live cricket in the box: she (yes, she) is now safely into one of my cricket colonies.

Thank you for the nice bag, I shall carry it proudly and spread the word.

Lyn – New Brunswick, Canada

Hey Mark, I love all of my geckos 🙂 They are so amazing, every single one of them. You can hardly ever get a grab bag these days from anywhere and get quality in every single gecko. The two that David picked in the beginning are more amazing in person then in pictures. I can’t express how thrilled I am to have bloodline from such amazing geckos. I have said this before, but must say once again, I can stare at your geckos for hours in your gallery of breeders they are all so stunning.

Some things I would like to thank you for, your customer service is by far some of the best I have had between any of the reptile breeders (of different species even) I have purchased from. Super friendly and chatty which I love 🙂 and very knowledgeable. It’s nice to be able to call a breeder and get information and request other geckos without having to email and wait hours sometimes days to get a response. I will definitely be purchasing geckos again in the future from and will know I am getting everything I am looking for in quality, structure, color, contrast and geckos that are not underweight. You have spent a lot of time with my order I can see with the geckos that have been chosen and I thank you and David for that.

Thank you again

Ashley – California, USA

Hey Mark:

I have received the beautiful girl here at work. Sorry if I’m emailing an hour after getting her. Hectic day here at the office. I’m including a pic so you know she is in my hands. Love the creamy back, a mellow personality and didn’t even scurry out of the container. She licked up some food right away which was a good thing. Thank you again for a wonderful gecko. Appreciate the big box too. Well packed and secure.

Mark – Washington, USA

Mark & David:

They have arrived in great condition and we are completely blown away by the colours and patterns of all our geckos we have purchased and their amazing structural traits. They are just fantastic!!!!! :).

I’d like to say how much of a pleasure it has been dealing with such a helpful and genuine person, you really went out of your way to help us.
We are really thankful for all the effort you put in and the great customer service you and David gave.

Thank you very much Mark it’s been great
Many Thanks

Rachel & Kev – Bristol, UK

Hey Mark:

The geckos just arrived here in the USA in excellent condition. They are even better looking in person! I am more than pleased with my purchase.

Thanks for going the extra miles 🙂 to ship them to the US and answering all my newbie questions.

Your bloodlines are exactly what I was looking for in my projects and I hope you continue to ship here as I will definitely be purchasing again.

Jen – Illinois, USA

Hi Mark

They have arrived! :o) Thank you so much they are absolutely stunning, I am really pleased. The colours are fantastic and they both have great head structures.

Think I’ll be checking out your site for Hamm in September!

Thanks for the great customer service as well

Best wishes

Sue – UK

I received the animals from Chrisi yesterday morning. They are just stunning!
The red male looked uniformly grey at that time; a few hours after ‘unpacking’ he is now amazingly beautiful.

I look forward to getting more jewels from you in the future 🙂

Thanks and regards

Geoff – France

Hi Mark:

I am so happy; my crested lady is just amazing!

Thank you very much!

Have a good day.

Audrey – France


Thank you for the beautiful animals. The two arrived safe and sound. By The way, I did a fecal example yesterday and couldn’t find anything. That’s
the first time this ever happened with a new crested gecko. 😉 I will double heck that in a week or so.


Ingo – Austria

– A huge thanks from Europe! –

Hi Mark,

The geckos arrived in Germany in perfect condition – I was simply blown away by how stunning they are in person! I have honestly never received a shipment of geckos that was packed that thoroughly — A+! Thanks so much for spending that much time and effort in order to make this happen. I will for sure be buying more geckos from you in the future.

Chrisi — Stuttgart, Germany

Hi Mark,

I just wanted to drop you a quick note after receiving my order of crested geckos.

Thanks for the all the time you spent with me with the endless questions I asked you. It is a pleasant experience when you deal with someone that cares for their animals and the hobby more than they do about collecting money.

The order of crested geckos I received was unbelievable. The condition of each one was outstanding which is a testament to your husbandry and breeding techniques (both yours and your staff). To say the pictures do not do the geckos justice is an understatement, each and every one are absolutely stunning. I would say that I was blown away when I saw them.

When I next expand my collection, Northern Gecko will be my first, and probably only, stop.

Peter — Mississauga, ON

Hey Mark,

Just wanted to drop you a line to thank you again for all your effort at the show. It’s easy to see how in demand your time is at such an event and still you took the time to make sure I was well taken care of. Your commitment and dedication to the hobby is a breath of fresh air, too often you see individuals who are only in it for the money giving the rest of us a bad name. I look forward to dealing with you again soon and I’m sure you’ll be hearing from me.

P.S. “Loosey” made it home safely; I’ll keep you posted on the transition. Also if it’s possible could you drop me a line when your GT eggs hatch?

Ray — Welland, ON

The stock I received from Mark is epic. I got a male Harley that was Red until around 40g, it then lost the red hidden under its final tan and it just kept growing. He is now 9.6 inches long and weighs 61g. This is by far the biggest Crested Gecko I have ever seen. Every transaction was quick, efficient, the geckos have all been stunning, and the pictures do no justice. These are amazing stock and amazing prices. I look forward to the next transaction.

Thanks again Mark,

Bob Shabaga — Kelowna, BC


I just want to take a moment to thank you for all the help you’ve given me over the last year. Not only have you aided in the establishing of a new and dedicated crested gecko breeder, you’ve also helped make high-end blood lines available to western Canadians on a more regular and affordable basis.

I look forward to adding more rhacs as you continue to develop what I would say are some of the most outstanding crested geckos I have ever seen. Keep up the incredible work, Mark and thank you once more for going above and beyond what most professionals offer in the line of customer service.

Though many of us would love to exclaim that we are your number one supporters, I have certainly become a very loyal one.

All the best with your future endeavours,

Tania Hodges — Calgary, Alberta
G4 Gecko

I could NOT be happier with Northern Gecko! I have been in touch with Mark many times over the past few months, and have received a lot of helpful advice and amazing animals (including beautiful high end cresties, chahouas, and he even helped with a leachie purchase and shipment even though it was not his sale and he made no money off of it) . There really aren’t any words to describe how professional, reliable and generous this man is…he truly is a one in a million business man and I will stand behind that 100%. Northern Gecko will always have my business and I’d recommend them to anyone!

I just want to add- Great job Mark and keep up the good work!! It takes a man of good heart to help out us small breeders and an even better man to offer such outstanding animals to the public ( and thank you so much again for the chance to own a truly unique and special gecko like “Oddball”).

Britany Bell — Calgary, Alberta
Northern Geckos #1 fan 😉

I just wanted to say thanks for all your info at the expo!!! I was asking about parasites near the end of the day, just questions about the feeding and meds in the food and whatnot. You were extremely helpful in answering all my crazy questions, and I was very impressed with your professionalism, and knowledge, and attitude. When I’m in need of more food I will certainly contact you!!!!

Thanks Again

Northern Gecko,

Just wanted to send a note of thanks to you. We attended the November Toronto Expo last Sunday and spent some time at your table. The gentleman (whose name escapes me right now) you had working there was very knowledgeable and played a large part in kindling an interest in R. ciliatus.
Both my friends and I left with a huge appreciation for the species. I’ve always been a snake person, but after speaking to your employee and seeing/interacting with your wonderful animals, I am considering adding one or two to my collection.

When I’m ready to take the gecko leap, I will certainly be contacting you!

Thanks again,


I’m so pleased with the Crested Gecko I bought from you, I can’t even sum it up in words, you’re prices are great bargains, the stock you brought to the Montreal expo was top notch, nowhere in Quebec have I seen Crested Geckos with such intense and incredible patterns, I really do think that I currently have the nicest Crested Gecko in the entire province, and as far as money goes, I really couldn’t have gotten anything that comes close to the quality of this beautiful male Crestie even if I had paid twice the price! I really hope Montreal will get the pleasure of having Northern Gecko coming back real soon.

Paul-Dominic Di Marco — St. Constant, Quebec

Hey Mark,

Just wanted to thank you again for everything that I was able to purchase from you. Everything from the leachies, to the chewies to the Rhac book to the food and even hatching substrate. You have everything one could need and your prices are great. Your geckos are top notch, from the diet you feed to the care and cleanliness at your facilities is A+. As far as I am concerned you are Canada’s Rhac guy.

Thanks again,

P.S I am saving some more money for some new additions soon.

Paulo — Brampton, Ontario


Oh wow, we got them [the geckos] and they are all so beautiful. The female is stunning and currently sitting on my computer screen. Oh and that lavender male is so sweet and docile. Everyone is amazing, the lavenders and their pins and the reds, ack! I can’t say enough. We will be taking pictures shortly and documenting them all so we can try and remember who is who. Thanks again so so much for everything you have done, the geckos are astonishing and I can’t wait to see them develop. I don’t really have the words to describe how happy I am and everyone one else, I’m just so thankful and look forward to doing business with you in the future. Your defiantly a pleasure to work with and made everything go smoothly and wonderfully, these little ones are everything you said they were and more.

Thanks again for everything,

Niki, Keri & Co — Halifax, Nova Scotia

Hey Mark :

The Geckos are doing great so far. The Geckos are way better looking in person and I love the male as it is a little calmer than the female.


Rob — Calgary, Alberta

I recently purchased some Repashy MRP and a copy of the now out-of-print ‘Rhacodactylus: The Complete Guide to their Selection and Care’ by de Vosjoli/Fast/Repashy (aka ‘The Rhac Bible’ haha) and was incredibly satisfied!

Excellent contact. (Many emails were answered within HOURS!)

Excellent delivery. (Products were properly packaged and arrived very fast!)

All in all a great guy to deal with.

+1 for Mark and the team at Northern Gecko.

Stephan — Ottawa, Ontario

I bought crested gecko diet at the last expo from Northern Gecko and worked hard to get my 3 geckos over onto it. Mark was very good about answering my questions.

I started running low a couple of weeks ago and didn’t know if I’d make it to the next Expo so I decided to do some “shopping around” on the internet just because I had time. WOW – there I found it almost $4.00 cheaper after shipping to get it shipped from the U.S. So, to save myself a whole $4.00, I ordered a bag. It arrived promptly with a very nice Customs form charging me PST and GST and a $5.00 processing fee.

Okay, I burned a little hole in my pocket over it, but in my quest to save a buck I completely overlooked the fact that the people at The Northern Gecko table were courteous, answered questions and plain friendly. I apologize to Mark for going elsewhere – it will never happen again and even if I did save $4.00 I would still buy from you because you are Canadian and it is going into our economy.

I look forward to stocking up at the next Expo or summer one! I’m not trying to advertise for Northern Gecko, but given the level of service it is deserved.


I just ordered some Repashy Crested Gecko MRP from Mark at Northern Gecko and I just wanted to post because although it was a small order, he replied to my email right away…takes PayPal…and then I received my order SUPER fast! I will continue to buy my MRP’s there.

Marisa — Bradford, Ontario

Stay tuned for more!